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You are already leading, just that not always. Situations, environment and people involved decide whether you want to lead or follow. As person you are born with nothing, you are nurtured by your family and the world around to become something. That’s what you are today. From here to where is in your hands. Leadership has to come from within…

To be a great captain M S Dhoni led his team to win all type of formats of cricket, to make a Maratha Kingdom Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj started with a few friends, to be the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modji led from the front and many more examples can just come in front of your eyes. Leadership training for them was from different teachers and loved ones. All those moments when you have achieved a success personally or with a teamwork is when you either led yourself or your team in the right direction.

People have typical style of leadership, they use the same with everyone and everywhere. This is a major reason of failure as they are not taught nor they have attend any leadership training course.

Different people need different type of leadership, to understand this Furute has a one of its type leadership development program which gives team building training, leadership training for managers, business leadership training. Behavioural problems, not technical skills, are what separate the great from the near great. The first step to change is wanting to change. So if you really want to get the leader in you to work, just be with us and see and feel the Leadership of Ashay Shah in creating a true successful leader in you…



When we have an agreement on our Do and Don’ts we are peaceful and progressive. To achieve the right agreement you need to be a great negotiator. This applies in personal and professionals life.

What is negotiation? It is a conversation or a discussion through which we want to create a win-win situation for all involved parties.  It sounds a bit technical but it is a part of our everyday routine. We knowingly or unknowingly keep on negotiating with one person or the other. 

When your alarm is blazing in your ears and you tell yourself, “Let me sleep for 5 more minutes”, what are you doing? You are negotiating with yourself. Your lazy self and your disciplined self are trying to reach on an agreement which is acceptable to both. When you are running late for office but your mom wants you to eat something first, and then you promise her that you will grab a bite before reaching office is a negotiation between you and your mom. When your loved one ask you for a new bike and you says, “I will buy you a new bike if you achieve this or that”, it is a negotiation between your loved one and you.

When you go to a shop to buy something, what happens between you and the salesperson is negotiation. When sales target is being discussed in the office meeting that is a negotiation between you and your team. And I can go on and on about what is negotiation

Negotiation is a very routine part of our life so we should be a master of negotiation skills. But sadly that is not the case. We may be able to negotiate very well with a few friends, family members and clients. But when we face some one smarter or tougher, something snaps, something happens and Bam!! We lose the deal because we lack effective negotiation skills and don’t know advanced negotiation skills

Everyone has a style of negotiation, and they use the same everywhere. Negotiation is an art to be learnt and practiced. To be an ace negotiator we need to understand the mental and emotional personality of people we are dealing with. 

Furute has designed this training program to help people to develop effective negotiation skills. People search for sales negotiation training or business negotiation training or negotiation skills in sales or sales and negotiation training on internet. We at Furute have analysed these searches and so come with a customized unique training program for Businessman, Professionals, CEO’s, Business heads, Sales managers and Sales heads, Purchase managers, Corporates and anyone looking to be great effective negotiator…


  • Identifying your Leadership style
  • Self-esteem
  • Proactive Behaviour and Communication
  • Art of right questions
  • 9 Styles of leadership.
  • 5 F’s
  • Energy and Enthusiasm techniques


  • Effective negotiation skills
  • Manage complex and challenging negotiations
  • Deal with different types of negotiation situations
  • Homework for negotiation
  • Voice modulation and language with NLP
  • Different mental and emotional types of people
  • The 3 P’s
  • Rapport building NLP
  • Body Language

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