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Humans are social animals cannot live alone in a society and also cannot fulfil all their needs. Without strong relationships life is empty, boring and lonely. With relationships life is fun, fulfilling and Bountiful. Relationships are rewarding, but a struggle too. Sometimes they becomes very challenging to a person.


You invest time on a hobby it grows, you invest time on any sports you love it grows, invest time on studies you are a better student, invest time on a profession or business you are successful in it, great actors are those who have invested quality and quantity time on acting, renowned legends are those who invested time on their passion, Scientist who gave us inventions and discoveries for our life enhancement have invested time on it, a chaiwala becomes a Prime Minister and we are surprised and happy not understanding the time he invested in the direction he wanted to grow…

I can keep on speaking on this aspect of life…

The truth is we are depressed and not successful in relationship for we have never understood the mantra of investing QUALITY and QUANTITY time with our relationship…

  • I understand relationships change and develop over time. You have prioritised your relationship as time, need and purpose demand. Sorry to say most men have strong relationships in their own market place and face challenges with their own loved ones at home. Why is the question?

  • A child who has been brought up by parents starts putting his foot down for the outside world in his young adulthood. Why?

  • A newly married person spends more time with the new relationship and neglects all the old ones. Why?

  • A daughter who has her father as her first love and role model is treated as someone outsider when she gets married. Why?

  • A Brother or a sister with whom you grew together fighting, sharing and loving become strangers after marriage. Why?

  • Decade ago everybody enjoyed the joint family and now most are staying as a nuclear family. Why?

  • Saas bhi kabi bahu thi… is good to watchas a serial. The question is why does a daughter in law(DIL) does not see a mother in her mother in law(MIL) and mother in law(MIL) see a daughter in her daughter in law(DIL)… Kab milaga yeh DIL Mil Se?

If you are interested in getting life and relationship full on, Relationship Tourism is the answer. A never before concept of creating and recreating relationships with a strong bonding of love and respect…

So let be your next vacation be with a purpose and heartfelt enjoyment…

Daddy Buddy

A father’s role in a child’s life is about more than paying the bills.

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