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If we look at the definition of communication, it says; “Communication is the flow of intended meaning from the sender to the recipient.”

In Professional and personal life one is helpless if he is not great at communication. It’s what the other person perceives from your communication.While communicating we have to be very clear about our intentions, we have to be precise about what we want our listener to perceive and this is not limited to verbal communication only.

It applies to non-verbal communication as well.  Our gestures, postures, our body languages are also an important tool of communication. So, we need to be careful about what are we conveying through them.

Waving your hands too much while talking is considered distracting by some people. Standing straight is taken as a mark of respect, etc.

Another thing that is substantial to effective communication is, knowing our audience. Who we are communicating with, determines how we communicate. When communicating with oneself (intrapersonal communication) no filters are needed, no precautions are to be taken. But in interpersonal communication (both one to one communication skills and open communication skills), a lot of things have to be considered. We need to consider the physical, mental, social, emotional aspects of the listener’s personality.

The appearance, age, profession, social status and maturity level of a person has a great impact on how we communicate with them. We cannot convey a message in a similar fashion to a child and an adult even if the intention is same.  Similarly the way of communicating with the C.E.O of a company and the peon of the company has to be different for good communication skills in the workplace  The way of communication in different contexts is also going to be different. The difference is going to reflect in our gestures, postures, our choice of words, our voice modulation, voice pitch, volume, etc.

This One day Business Communication Training will train you in how to have effective communication and understand the science of effective verbal communication skills. How N.L.P. plays its part in communication.

The question how to improve your communication skills at work or how leadership communication skillscan be developed or which effective communication courses will train effective team communication skills for me and my organisation? 



  • Personal communication skills (Friends, Loved ones, Myself, God)
  • Business communication skills (Colleagues senior and junior, Telephonic calls,                                                Messages, Marketing,Customer etc.)
  • Business letter writing
  • Writing effective business emails
  • 7 C’s of communication
  • Art of listening
  • Art of becoming an empowering communicator
  • N.L.P. communication skills
  • Understanding people in verbal and written communication(N.L.P.)
  • Developing rapport with one or many
  • Art of asking questions
  • Body language

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