Youth or emerging Adulthood’ during this period, they are actually growing into physical adulthood, biological and psychological changes tend to take a toll on their thinking and emotions reflecting in their behavior. They are neither feeling adult nor feeling like teens or they feel both. When we ask them to take responsibility they feel they are still young for it, when asked not to do something (e.g.: no night out) they say I am grown up and take my responsibility. This age is a creating or destroying factor for them.

Young Adults have lot of questions on life, they want to become decision makers, they want to out-stand above all in the crowd, they want to come out of their failures and bounce back, they want to understand life with its true meaning and purpose.

On the other hand their Parents are worried how to help them become confident? So they send them to summer camps /programs for teens. Not knowing what company he may end up into. Parents are worried about their relationship and social media distractions so they enroll them in young to adult transition program for teens. Which sounds like one more school or college boring class. So the young adults do not go or they rebel not to go.

Furute’s young adult program is full of enthusiasm and practical training. They get connected well and also enjoy being with the trainer. The trainer is certified NLP masters and a Life coach.

This Young adult program will be conducting 8 sessions for Young Adults and will have 1 session for Parents on TEEN PARENTING’.

Followup: 6 full day activity Sessions Throughout the Year.   

This Young Adult Program will train them 4C’s:

  • Character: Positive Attitude, Powerful Personality, Winning Attitude, Power of sub conscious mind, NLP ways of languaging, Getting relationships right, High Self Image and much more…
  • Competence: Competent in Academics, Develop their multiple intelligence, Time Management and Action Planning, Goal Setting using NLP techniques.
  • Courage: Bounce back from fear/Setbacks/Uncertainties, Overcoming Problems/Challenges, Stand Points to Distractions and Wrong things, Confronting Any Audience or Situation.
  • Celebrations: Enthusiasm, High Energy, True Love, True Friendship & God.

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