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The term Furute is coined by Ashay Shah, a business and life coach based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The term is basically a combination of two Chinese words “Fu”, “Ru” and “Te”, a term from Confucianism, where:

“Fu” stands for good luck, happiness and fortune,

“Ru” stands for a scholar, a learned man or a guide, and

“Te” stands for a virtuous moral strength that a person can rely on in the times of distress.

Furute is a guide that gives you the strength to come out of distress and experience fortune and happiness.

 Furute brings you fortune and happiness when you are gloomy, it becomes a guide and a teacher, when you don’t know what is happening and require learning, and it becomes your moral strength when you are in distress.

What  Furute Does


Furute is also a business training, consulting and life coaching organization based in Pune. It was founded by Ashay Shah on January 18, 2013. The organization aims at transforming lives and helping people realize their dreams. Furute’s mission is to correct the flow of people’s lives. Furute strongly believes that no limitation is big enough to stop you from achieving what you really want; all you really need is the strength to guide you through your difficult times.

Furute offers organizational training, branding, consulting and custom designed programs for all sizes and types of organizations, holistic development programs for entrepreneurs, training programs for start ups and entrepreneurs and mentoring for CEOs, business heads, professionals, managers, etc.

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Why Us?

In life, you often come across situations when things don’t go right or get stagnated. No matter how hard you try, things just don’t fall in place and you are not able to figure out what went wrong. At such a point in life, you need someone to hold your hand to get you through the difficult times and that is what we are for. Furute is there to “correct the flow” of your life. We not only help you identify what is wrong but also help you make it right, thus correcting the flow and making everything fall in its desired place. With just 3 years in the industry, Furute has an enviable track record of helping hundreds of businesses grow multifold in size. With a deep understanding of life and business and a sharp focus on your problems, we help you overcome your limitations and realize your dreams.  If you are facing any problem in your life or business, Furute is your go to place.


To be a leader in transforming lives and helping people achieve their dreams in all formats of life.


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