GOAL Setting


GAME Of Accomplishing Luck

You start with an intention to win your desires or dreams by GOAL setting but don’t even understand when you have dropped it. Life is full of surprises, sometime unavoidable distractions come in the way or you lack motivation. And as the game of snakes and ladder in the attempt to climb the ladder we slip down the snake to square on. You may want to get the best of you by doing the right things on a daily basis to achieve the set goal.

Every activity in your life is Goal Setting, may it be exercise or sales target, May it be your personal life or professional life.

The moment you set out for a task you have visualised a process to achieve the goal.

The most important is to understand in Goal setting is to know yourself first. Your mental balance, your intellectual capability, your emotional maturity.

We at Furute have our ways for goal setting training, we coach you for goal setting with a combination of NLP and practicality.

A one day goal setting training to create a blue print for future.

A one day goal setting coaching in a classroom in the midst of nature for performance planning.


Must ask Questions for Goal Setting

  1. Will the trainer (Ashay Shah) mentor me through the goal?

  2. Will the trainer(Ashay Shah) help me in creating the Action plan?

  3. Will Goal setting differ from person to person for the same Goal?

  4. Will this training program with Furute help me achieve multiple goals with all my hurdles in life?

  5. Will this out bound goal setting teach me the science of achieving success?

The above questions answer is YES…

We at Furute believe ‘people know what they want from life, but don’t know how to achieve it’. We understand your life flow and help you to correct the flow to achieve beyond your capacity. Par excellence is what we teach.




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