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                      An efficient marketing and sales team needs to make sure that both their organization and their customers are happy. Striking a balance between these two is what most marketing and sales professionals find difficult as more customer orientation can mean lesser profit margins at times.That is why Furute has come up with Sarathi, a one day marketing and sales training program. This program helps these professionals to understand the dynamics of sales and marketing and learn the right skills and attitude needed to create the much required balance between profits and customer centric approach.

What it Offers:

  • Creating an effective sales pitch

  • Presentation skills

  • Up selling and cross selling techniques

  • Importance of listening

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Creating a favorable image

  • Importance of customer service

  • Acquiring and retaining customers

  • Increasing footfall

  • How to increase customer lifetime value

  • Customer satisfaction and delight

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