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INSIGHTS- A Business Training Program

Small or big any kind of business faces the same challenges every day .Managing expenses, Making proper Business plan , Performing consistently with a clear vision & mission, Facing Management Challenges, Finding talented staffs & many more.

As every business knows the reality is, there are dozens of issues lurking there to run a business successfully. However, we are indented to show a path or some guidance that leads to overcome the hurdles on the way to success.

Business Insights is an extensive individual training program developed to help the entrepreneurs grow physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally, as well as spiritually. This Business insight training program helps them to learn

  • The fundamentals of business
  • Business plan
  • Strategy
  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Accountability
  • Business Flow and Reports
  • Business culture
  • Management systems
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Business Branding

Everything required to run a successful Business. Therefore another agenda of this Business Training program is Leadership Development, which is very crucial to your Business for the next level growth. Insight program will give you the support you need to develop your business effectively.

Furute has carefully designed Business Insights, a 10 session classroom training program (9 session’s classroom training + one out bound training session ‘beyond the class room’) for aspiring as well as established entrepreneurs, Businessman, Business heads, C.E.O’s, start-ups.

What We Offer:

  • Understanding your life ka Funda

  • Building Focus and Priority

  • Goal setting

  • Understanding realities and desires

  • Risk taking

  • Getting ready for all consequences

  • Handling rejection

  • Develop a business plan

  • Business nuances and mannerisms

  • Talent acquisition and retention

  • Networking skills

  • Learn Positive attitude

  • Creating a right brand identity

  • Effective marketing

  • Financial Planning

  • Operations management

  • Leadership skills

  • Communication and negotiation skills

  • Presentation skills

  • Soft skills

  • Work-life balance

  • Stress management techniques

  • Time management

  • Develop a vision and mission of your organization

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Checkout how our training program helped Entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams…

To grow my Business I need to socialize like minded people with whom I can discuss Business Strategies that I learned it from Ashay Sir & INSIGHT. I worked on it. Apparently there has been a growth of about 30% in 1 year.

Maithili Jadhav

Owner at Shree Designs

I have achieved stability before the expected time in business by good communication & hard work. My Personal life was too disturbed but INSIGHTS, Ashay Sir & his competence helped me to overcome all the obstacles on the way to my success Professionally & Personally.

Darpan Parmar


The idea of playing with my core strength that is manufacturing of high quality furniture, has clicked me through Insights Program. Now the production & profit has increased 10 times more than last 3 years. Hope for making more profitable in future.

Jeetendra Bamboli

Proprietor at The Comfort Zone


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