Daddy Buddy

A father’s role in a child’s life is about more than paying the bills. The connection between an adult child & father shapes the life. It is impossible to explain the importance of dad. Who we are and who we are becoming, a father is in the central to that outcome. A father, who is the emotional and financial needs of his family, teaches their kids the importance of living within definite means, and being responsible and independent financially. Yet, there was a kind distance based on a mix of fear and respect which had its advantages for the kids but also the fact that sometimes there was an emotional gap in the bond that was tough to bridge. As the time passes kids become busy by building career, establishing professional platform and later on with their own family.

Children are the source of assistance of their father after a certain age, despite personal hardship or distance in living. This adult children’s care giving to their parents is becoming hardly possible to happen, the reason might be the pressure of professional work or responsibilities of own family. Sometimes geographical distance compels to distract from parents yet the adult child eagerly await their meeting but when it becomes more difficult to accomplish for you.

Don’t get frustrated we are here to make your dream true by creating invisible bridge of love, care & affection.

RT is not just a tour with your father or with your son. It is planned to make you happy by recalling & reloading memories for life time. Let’s imagine few wonderful moments with your loved one’s by playing games, sharing memories, taking pictures, activities, events filled with entertainment, having food in the nature, feeling peaceful, away from the technology, and there any many activities are there in our tour, definitely more than you think. You both experience the destination and the culture for the first time & enter a new realm of parent vs child. Don’t miss to gift a piece of happiness to each other to whom you truly care about.

Course Details

                                             Course Length: 3 Night & 4 Days

                                             Language: Hindi, English, Marathi

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