Know it... GAP Outgrow it...

Remember the good old days when there used to be just one grocery store in the entire neighborhood. No matter, how long you had to wait outside the shop or how bad his service was, you had no other option to go.  But today’s customers have so many choices for virtually everything. This has left the businesses in a fix. They have to keep on improving their products as well as their services to survive in the market. Delivering superior customer value is what will help you compete.

In such a situation, there is no scope for any kind of gap. You have to at least be at par with your customers’ expectations or your game is over. To eliminate every possible gap, we first need to understand what kind of gaps can occur and then try to outgrow them.

Takeaways of the day:

  • What is Gap?
  • Where does GAP occur?
  • When does GAP occur?
  • Why does GAP occur?
  • How to fill the GAP?

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