WOW LIFE (LIFE Management)

In a day, when you don’t come across any problems you can be sure that you are travelling in a wrong path”- Swami Vivekananda.

A beautiful life begins with a beautiful Mind. The prime ingredients of the recipe for a beautiful life are Mental peace, Positive thoughts, rejuvenation which leads us to love & laugh abundantly for living a happy life. Though Problems of life are common issues so very often it comes in life as a disaster & ruins everything along with self confidence. Sometimes it doesn’t appear in a vast form but with its back to wall, life has become affected badly.

Now the fact is we are looking at only the negative side of life but on the other hand life contains a positive & gorgeous side also and obviously it is a great gift bestowed upon us by our Creator. Every moment of our life is priceless and should be cherished. But, in the quest of being successful and leading the race of reaching to the top, we almost forget living our lives. Instead of humans, we become robots who are programmed to win the race. We become almost incapable of appreciating how beautiful our life is. All we can do is Complain about how hard life is. So it now clear to us that sometimes we make complicated our life that’s why problem occurs.

Therefore this kind of situation puts us in a terrible dilemma, from which we want to get rid of immediately. In this case which knowledge we need to acquire that can build up more of Mental & Spiritual strength to handle & overcome the situation properly. Not only that sometimes we feel the importance of that kind of knowledge which could lead us to achieve the science of self control, art of developing pure mind, mental peace in adverse situation & the proper relation between mankind & their outer world.

Let’s take a day from our lives to appreciate our life and understand its true value. Understanding life in a great scientific way Yes, you are busy with your life and may not have any time for this. But, Common, don’t you think Your Life deserves it!!  It has given you all you have, the least you can do is spend a day to reflect on how beautiful life is and say “WOW LIFE”, you are beautiful.

A 3 night 4 day’s program, aptly titled “WOW LIFE” to appreciate the value of Life. The program will take you on a journey of all the 5 aspects of your life to let you revisit all your life and help you

Highlights of the Program:

  • A meditation session for spiritual Cleansing and Rejuvenation.

  • Meditation – Static and Dynamic.

  • Life Balance & Right Attitude.

  • Emotional Maturity.

  • Relationship Management.

  • Enthusiasm/ Love/ Friendship.

  • Stress Management.

  • A session on Communication, Health, Good Habits, Personality Development, Body gestures and Postures for Physical Rejuvenation.

  • Another Session on Thoughts, Thought Patterns, Memories, Prejudice, Stereotypes and Feelings for mental rejuvenation.

  • One session on Intellect, Intelligence, Reasoning, Problem Solving and Decision Making for intellectual rejuvenation.

  • There would be one session on emotions, feelings, healthy emotional expressions, stress, emotional stability and maturity and emotional intelligence to help you rejuvenate emotionally.

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    Course Details

                                                Retreat Fees: 15,000/- (Inclusive of Taxes)

                                                Retreat: 3 Night & 4 Days

                                                 Starts Date: Forthcoming Program